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The Privileges of ATTM’s membership are:

1. Participate in any supporting activities of enterprises, evolve the service, and marketing of Thai tourism and will convey many positive impact to Thai economy and society.

2. Participate in the advocating activities of arranging or engaging events of marketing with tourism institutions from all of government, public, and private sector as the purpose of public relationship (PR) for the product and service of Thai tourism to fulfil the mission statement of ATTM successfully.

3. Participate in the promotion activities and facilitate the businesses of tourist industry for the trip to create the marketing of tourism, both of domestic and international.

4. Participate in activities concerned with the statistical analysis and study. And the direction of development of the country.

5. Attend the seminars that arranged by ATTM for improving human resource management in Tourism industry in order to standardize service as equal to the international standard.  The activities will be certified by well recognized public and private organizations in every time for the consumer to be aware of the benchmark of tourism’s products and services in Thailand and ASEAN.

6. Participate in the coordination of the joint agreement, rules for the commercial practices to guide the side to be put into action.

7. Participate in advocating activities that will strengthen the good relationship of every members from every institution and organization regardless of politics by cooperating with the government to develop and strengthen ethics.

8. Participate business improvement activity of members to create and distribute good causes to the society.
Wish to apply as a member :

Ordinary member

-  Registration fee 1,000 THB (one thousand baths only)
-  Yearly membership fee (Annual fee) 3,500 THB (three thousands and five hundreds baths only)

Extra-ordinary member

-  Registration fee 1,000 THB (one thousand baths only)
-  Yearly membership fee (Annual fee) 4,500 THB (four thousands and five hundreds baths only)

Method of Payment


Account name


Account number



Association of Thai Tourism Marketing

Ladprao 129



* Please keep the slip for your records.*

After transfer has been made, please send a copy of the bank transfer receipt and all documents required for a membership together with your contact name and telephone number by scan or fax to Fax no. : 02-538-5719, e-mail : info@attm.biz


Documents required for a membership application Ordinary member

1. Copy of the business registration certificate
2. Copy of Tour Business License from the Office of Tourism Development (tour company)
    And copy of Hotel License (Hotel/Resort)
3. Copy of Identification card of the Managing Director


Tel :  02-538-5718 
Email : info@attm.biz
website :